Amazon Web Services

AWS in Brief

Amazon Web Services (AWS) holds the Gartner’s Cloud Leader title for ten consecutive years on. The AWS cloud features wide IaaS, PaaS and SaaS functionality and rich capabilities for hybrid IT infrastructures. AWS offering is beneficial for:

Large Businesses

Requiring geographically distributed hyperscale enterprise IT infrastructures.

Medium-sized Businesses

Keen on the range of specialized cloud services.

SaaS providers

Focused on the development of scalable and highly available SaaS.

Common Use Cases for Amazon Web Services

  • Containerization of legacy apps in EC2.
  • Development of cloud apps and implementation of cloud-native IT infrastructures.
  • App integrations via
  • AWS messaging, gateway and queueing services.
  • Cloud app development with advanced AWS components: AI, big data, IoT, computer vision, etc.
  • Virtual private cloud (AWS VPC).
  • Edge caching and global content delivery with Amazon CloudFront.
  • Single-spot management of hybrid IT infrastructures with AWS Systems Manager.
  • Running AWS services and tools on-premises with AWS Outposts.
  • Unified security management for cloud and on-premises IT components in AWS Security Hub.
  • Serverless microservices containerization (Amazon ECS, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service).
  • Ready-made specialized services: AI, ML, blockchain, media broadcasting, etc.
  • Global content delivery and edge load balancing.
  • Development and CI/CD automation tools: AWS CodeStar, AWS CodePipeline.
  • Messaging services and queue brokers (Amazon SQS, Amazon MQ) for guaranteed data communication between apps and microservices.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services


IT infrastructure staff efficiency with efficient management and monitoring tools.


App development speed with swift CI/CD processes and embeddable AWS services.


Mitigation speed due to snapshot backup and recovery capabilities.

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