Image Analysis(IA)

Image analysis (IA) is the identification of attributes within an image via digital image processing techniques to make the IA process more accurate and cost-effective.

Image Analysis Core Tasks

Distinguish regions of interest for further analysis, individual objects from the background, etc.
Label or classify objects in digital images based on one or several object classes: people, vehicles, electronic components, etc.
Recognize individual features of an object and classify it with more precision: identify individual people, specific vehicles, animal species, device models, etc.

Image Analysis Solutions We Offer

Facial recognition
Identification of a specific person’s face to provide exclusive services, identify suspects and trespassers, etc.
Emotion recognition
Assessing the level of a customer’s satisfaction to solve unique business challenges.
Computer-aided diagnosis
Reading X-ray images, CT, PET and MRI scans, ultrasound scans (including 3D and 4D), isotope scans, etc. Enhancing clinical images, measuring organ dimensions and blood flow

Sukrom's approaches to Build Image Analysis Software

  • Excellent performance within a narrow domain.
  • Doesn’t require big datasets.
  • Performance can be easily validated.
  • Explicability (every decision step is clearly seen in the code).
  • Easy debugging.
  • Deals better with complex objects and tasks.
  • Doesn’t require explicit knowledge.
  • Easier scalability.
  • Lower operational costs.
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