Mobile App Development

Mobile app development services are aimed at building iOS & Android applications that effectively complement or substitute web solutions. Having delivered 350+ mobile app development projects so far, Sukrom ensures app success by delivering striking UI, secure app code, and resilient back ends.

What We Offer in Mobile Apps Development

Mobile UI/UX design

  • UI/UX Research
  • UI/UX Development
  • Integrating UI/UX in Mobile Application Development

Back end development

  • Back-end Development Highlights
  • Database development and setup
  • Back-end Development Services

Maintenance & Support

  • Mobile App Support and Services
  • Mobile App Support
  • Mobile App Maintenance

Mobile UI/UX Design

Sukrom’s mobile app design services comprise two key stages: creation of UX wireframes and design of UI mockups. Since early 2010s, our UX and UI experts have been delivering sleek, responsive and designs with transparent navigation to ensure high conversion and easy adoption.

UI/UX Research

In addition to being a mobile app design company, Sukrom is a full-fledged software development vendor. Our staff has deep and extensive industrial knowledge that lets us cater to each project individually while understanding general business needs and user expectations. Requirements and specifications we create are the basis of our mobile app designs.

Our designers make sure the enterprise mobility solutions meet your objectives and covey the advantages of your products or services to the target audience by working around.

UI/UX Design

Our UI designers make sure that the app’s design is consistent with your brand image and inherits existing company color scheme, fonts and graphic style. However, we also appreciate if you want to reinvent your image or create a visually stand-alone mobile app. We are eager to present our own ideas!

Next after finalizing an elaborate project analysis and roadmap, Sukrom’s design team works their magic to make even the most complex functionality fit on the mobile screens. Our priority is to always make apps easy to follow and navigate, so our UX specialists sketch layouts and wireframes with the users in mind. Thorough usability testing is also a part of the UX design stage.

Integrating UI/UX in Mobile App

Sukrom experts create UI/UX designs that are both user-friendly and trendy, be it a native or cross-platform app. We are skilled in implementing sleek designs for iOS and Android apps, as well as for applications on Cordova, Ionic, Flutter, and Xamarin. At the core of our mobile competencies, UI/UX design goes along with mobile app development. This important part of our services relies on efficient cross-team communication and time-proved methodologies that ease the entire process from developing a prototype to releasing the app.

Back-end Development

A back end is an indispensable part for a large number of solutions, including web apps, mobile applications, and IoT ecosystems. The goals of back-end development are creating the server-side logic, setting up databases, and building up communication between a back end and a front end. Sukrom presents its detailed guide on how organize a back-end development project and is ready to undertake yours.

Backend Development Highlights

Discovery, architecture design, back-end software dev & QA, database setup, deployment & integration.

Business consultant, back-end architect, back-end developer, project manager, DevOps engineer, QA expert.

In-house, team augmentation, partial outsourcing, full outsourcing.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure.

Around ₹2,00,000-₹5,00,000 for small/medium-sized back ends.

Database Development & Setup

A database contains all the data used in your solution and communicates it on-demand to the client-end via APIs. In some cases, it can also contain additional business logic for data optimization.

Database development can be a separate service, but in back-end projects, back-end developers usually set up the database and APIs as part of the solution. In case of cloud hosting, cloud database services help data get distributed and replicated across multiple virtual machines so as to enable data access even in case several machines are down.

Develop your Back-end with Us

  • Back-end functional scope definition.
  • Architecture design and decomposition.
  • Assistance with the choice of a programming language, a framework, a database type.
  • Help with choosing a cloud services provider.
  • Preparation of all project documentation (back-end specification, schedule, testing plan, etc.)
  • Long-term back-end evolution plan.
  • Analysis of business needs for a back end and an entire solution.
  • Formulation of functional and non-functional software requirements.
  • Back-end architecture design.
  • Back-end software development and QA.
  • Database setup and integration.
  • Support and evolution.

Mobile App Support & Maintenance

Sukrom’s mobile app support and maintenance services help to ensure that mobile apps always have relevant functionality and faultless performance. In the domain since 2005, we offer IT and non-IT companies continuous support and maintenance as well as dynamic evolution of mobile applications.
Hotfix deployment in <24 Hours after an urgent mobile app issue log
New mobile app feature/ module rolled out every 2-6 weeks
Mobile app availability rate of 99.95% - 99.99% guaranteed

Mobile App Support

  • App technical information.
  • Manuals.
  • FAQs.
  • Knowledge base with convenient search.
Pricing model: Fixed price – you pay for us to prepare user guidance materials for your mobile app, the costs of information updates are reduced.
  • Fixing bugs by tweaking code of the mobile app and server.
  • Resolving critical device/OS compatibility issues and addressing urgent security/compliance issues.
  • Adjusting existing mobile app integrations.

Pricing model: Monthly subscription fee – you pay each month for our continuous L3 support services at a reduced hourly rate.

  • Fixing issues by changing configuration settings in mobile apps’ client side and back end.
  • Resolving app-server synchronization and other infrastructure issues.
  • Logging issues that require code changes for further investigation and escalating them to L3.
Pricing model: Price per ticket – we define the L2 ticket cost and you pay at the end of the month for the number of tickets we resolve.
  • Receiving, logging, and prioritizing requests submitted via in-app support forms, text/call chat, etc.
  • Consulting users on how to solve basic issues (mobile app registration, subscription, etc.)
  • Escalating unsolved issues to L2 support and providing users with status updates until resolution.

Pricing model: Price per ticket – We define the L1 ticket cost, and you pay at the end of the month for the number of tickets we resolve.

Mobile App Maintenance

Introducing enhancements to a mobile application
Guiding materials for app users:
  • Developing new app features and modules (including those with AR, IoT, biometrics, AI, and other innovative tech features.)
  • Providing mobile app updates to ensure new device/OS compatibility.
  • Introducing new integrations with other apps or services.
  • Mobile app re-architecting and code refactoring.
Pricing model: T&M with a cap – we charge for hours & efforts spent on evolution and send invoice reflecting them at the end of the month.
Ensuring the safety and integrity of business and user data
  • All-around mobile app security monitoring and diagnostics of configuration errors.
  • Vulnerability assessment and documentation.
  • Security code audit and code review.
  • Penetration and security testing.
  • Mitigation of uncovered vulnerabilities with hotfixes or urgent app updates.
Pricing model: Monthly subscription fee – you pay each month for our security management services at a reduced hourly rate.
Continuously testing & optimizing mobile app operation
  • Monitoring of mobile application performance to ensure fast issue detection.
  • Mobile app code, server, and database optimization to improve app performance.
  • Mobile testing, including functional, performance, and compatibility testing.
  • Usability and accessability testing.
  • UX audits.
Pricing model: T&M with a cap – we charge for hours & efforts spent on performance management + QA and send invoice reflecting them at the end of the month.
Maintaining app compliance with all required regulations
  • Diagnostics of the apps’ compliance with iOS and Android guidelines as well as industry-specific standards (e.g., HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS).
  • (for apps distributed via stores) Monitoring changes in requirements and policies of App Store and Google Play.
  • Following up on uncovered inconsistencies with OS guidelines, industry regulations, and store policies by rolling out patches or scheduling an update in the release plan.
Pricing model: Monthly subscription fee – you pay each month for our compliance management services at a reduced hourly rate.
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