Testing & QA

Sukrom has built testing expertise in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistics, and other industries. Our goal-driven self-managed testing experts can quickly dive into your project (within 1-3 days) and validate every aspect of your software: functionality, integrations, performance, usability, and security.

Test Automation

Sukrom adheres to the proprietary Integrated Manual and Automated Testing (IMAAT) approach to optimize testing time. Our test automation leads analyze automated testing feasibility and calculate its ROI for each testing project. If it’s lucrative enough, we develop reusable test scripts for automated testing at API and UI levels and introduce test automation within 3 weeks.

Our Testing Service Options

Single-round testing
E.g., acceptance testing, release testing. A one-time set of manual testing activities to ensure your software fully complies with its requirements and is ready to go live.
Continuous testing during software development
Functional, integration, and compatibility testing; testing of new functions, exploratory and regression testing that go in parallel with software development.
Continuous testing during software support & maintenance
Exploratory, regression, and testing of new software features to ensure you app’s availability and complete functioning during evolution.

Our Cooperation Models

Best for: complex software (e.g., SaaS, multi-module enterprise software, entire enterprise IT environment).
Sukrom provides self-managed testing teams comprising a test lead + test engineers. One testing team is assigned per software module. The testing teams’ number and composition is flexible and can be scaled up and down depending on your project needs. An additional testing team can cater to the test automation within your testing project.

Best for: software of medium complexity (e.g., mobile apps, websites, etc.)
Our QA company provides experienced self-managed testing experts who have interdisciplinary knowledge in a particular industry and testing specifics of a certain software type (e.g., mobile apps, varied CRM types, etc.). With 8-15 years of testing experience, they are trained to work independently, yet resulting in high testing performance.

Best for: companies with experienced QA managers aboard.
We can augment your testing team with individual testing professionals under your in-house QA management. This way, you can fill the gap in a specific tech, industry, testing type, or regulations’ competencies of your in-house QA team.

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